20.04.2018 - Studies

The pension entitlements of the DAX Executive Board members


At the end of the 2017 financial year, the members of the Management Board from the DAX 30 had pension entitlements from company pension schemes totalling approximately EUR 950 million.

While some companies completely dispense with separate pension agreements for Management Board members, other CEOs have claims in the lower to mid double-digit millions. Since the actual function of the occupational pension plan, i.e. to secure the standard of living after active service, is relegated to the background at the Management Board level and the occupational pension plan is to be regarded as a further remuneration component, corresponding expectancy systems should be geared towards sustainable corporate development. This applies to both the expectancy and the benefit phase. This would strengthen the acceptance of high entitlements both on the part of the owners and on the part of the employees.

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