27.09.2023 - SOCIETY & FINANCE

Suddenly wealthy - and then?

by Sven Ebert

Inheritances, gifts and one-off payments offer financial freedom. However, how people deal with their new wealth varies according to their origins and associated emotions. A look at theory and empirics.



Our economic indicators

The Euro Meltdown

"In accordance with Article 127(1) and Article 282(2) of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, the primary objective of the ESCB shall be to maintain price stability."

Source: Official Journal of the European Union 

FvS Wealth Price Index for Germany

The asset prices of private German households fell by -3.3 % in the middle of the year compared to the middle of the previous year. The development was driven by the price correction on the real estate market.

FvS Wealth Price Series for the Euro Area

Monetary policy, consumer prices, interest rates and the economy have caused asset prices in the Euro area to fall by -0.8% in 2022. This is the first price drop in almost 10 years. By contrast, price developments in the euro countries are extremely varied. While asset prices in Greece and Portugal still increased strongly, they have already fallen significantly in Germany and Finland.

FvS Business Cycle Indicator for Germany

The FvS Konjunkturindikator (FvS-KI) maps the actual economic activity in Germany on a monthly basis, based on a set of hard real economic data. On the basis of the FvS-KI we carry out business cycle dating for Germany.

FvS Real Economy Tracker

We track the development of the real economy in real time. Our activity index and other indicators are updated weekly.

FvS Inflation Tracker

We follow the development of consumer and producer prices. Rising commodity prices can lead to rising wages and thus to rising prices.


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